Online meditation classes

Online meditationclasses
Online meditation classes, when and where you want

Renew your brain when you want where you want

We regard Brain Renewal Meditation (BRM) as one of the most useful meditation opportunities available. It offers all of the wellbeing benefits linked to regular compassionate and mindfulness meditation but in addition it is designed to maintain cognitive function without suppressing intrinsic network.

Keeping your brain in the best possible shape is, in our opinion, the most important investment you can ever make. For those people unable to attend a regular class, online meditation provides a convenient way to engage with state of the art meditation technology and highly qualified and experienced teachers. Online BRM is available to anyone with an internet connection in any part of the world.

We currently train people on a 1 to 1 bases through Skype, lessons last for 50 minutes, they follow the same pattern as a regular class with the exception that you have the full and undivided attention of the teacher. The instructions can be tailored to meet your individual needs and fuller and more personalized explanations can be given. The cost of a session with an experienced meditation teacher with post-graduate qualifications in neuroscience and psychology) is £50. Significant discounts are available for block bookings of 3, 5 or ten sessions. Contact for more information.

“Clear indications of brain aging typically manifests in our 40’s, the decline however probably begins ten to twenty years earlier. Age related cognitive decline and more serious forms of neurodegeneration can be challenged, they are not normally just a question of fate or genetics.”

BRM has been developed for people over 40, the age at which cognitive decline first starts to manifest. However we know that the origins of cognitive decline may begin before 30. The principles behind BRM have been adapted to also create a meditation system for people under the age 40 interested in maintaining healthy brain function and structure, contact us for more details.

Don’t forget! In scientific studies the brains of regular meditators have been demonstrated to be ‘younger’ than non meditators. An average of seven years at age 50 in one particular research project.


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