Meditation classes for the over 40s

group of people in a meeting
Life begins at 40? A meditation system created to strengthen brain health.

Brain Renewal Meditation – How to find a class

For online brain renewal tuition click here. For Brain Renewal Meditation (BRM) classes in the South East of England read on.

We currently offer regular classes in Canterbury. With meditation retreats, workshops and other teaching events across the South East of England. We welcome invitations to talk publicly about BRM and brain renewal more generally.

“Most adults will be subject to the effects of declining brain function by 45, the nature and pace of decline is linked to how you train your brain.”

BRM is delivered by highly experienced and trained meditation teachers each with an understanding of neuroscience and contemplative science. The cost of a class is typically £10 per person, with a reduction for concessions. Other events are priced on a case by case basis. Online classes ensure that BRM is available to the widest possible audience.  Email us if you have some specific questions.

Our cognitive functions typically decline from around the age of 30, even earlier for many. The science tells us that by 45, most adults will demonstrate evidence of this decline. There is a general presumption in psychology that as we get older our brain structure and function will ‘naturally’ decrease, resulting in weaker cognitive ability. This idea is not universally accepted, the rate at which the human brain ages is dependent on a number of factors, not least how we use and train our brains. We know that adults in their 60s and 70s are able to augment brain structure through meditation based training.

BRM is an evidence based system, developed by Neuroscientist and Cognitive Psychologist Stephen Gene Morris. As well as a thorough scientific training Stephen is a life long meditator and has been studying the relationship between meditation and health for over 20 years both in Europe and Asia.

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