Learn Brain Renewal Mediation

Would you like to learn Brain Renewal Meditation?
Brain renewal meditation is a key element to brain renewal training

Learn Brain Renewal Mediation

Brain Renewal Meditation (BRM) is a system to help maintain a healthy younger brain.  The methods and their delivery have been specifically designed for people at the age when signs of cognitive decline are likely to be present, even if they are not yet a problem. Follow these links for details of meditation classes and online guided meditation. BRM is available in a modified form for younger adults in the 20 to 40 age range.

“the number of people living with dementia is expected to treble in the next twenty years”

Scientific research and thousands of years of human experience indicate that meditation activity is a key factor in maintaining and improving your brain health. Meditators are likely to have younger brains than non meditators and therefore a reduced risk of advanced cognitive decline and dementia. However it is essential to have reliable meditation methods and teachers with appropriate levels of skills and experience. Recent research has demonstrated that there is a powerful relationship between the effectiveness of meditation and the meditation teacher.

BRM is available in three formats, traditional face to face meditation classes, online sessions and a number of other resources. Charges are raised for most classes and online training sessions, but we have a range of free resources. We also have more in depth material for meditators wishing to train as teachers with the founder of BRM, Stephen Gene Morris.



Header photo by Tess Emily Seymour on Pexels.com

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